We have exciting news to share this week!  We have upgraded the Lucky Dogs Bubble Bus!  In the fall of 2012, we purchased the grooming van known as Bailey’s Bubble Bus.  They were closing down their business so we decided to add mobile grooming to our service offering.  That grooming van met our needs for a few years but the time has come to upgrade.  The new Lucky Dogs Bubble Bus hit the road this Wednesday and we are very excited about it.  At first glance, it may not look much different than our old Bus but there are some fantastic improvements on the new model.  Better driving features such as front wheel drive, back up camera, larger sliding door to enter the salon,  Inside the salon, there is more space for Chelsea & the dogs to move around, LED lighting, the grooming table moves lower to the floor, and enclosed storage bins for all of the shampoos & other supplies.  You can see photos of the Bubble Bus & the dogs that Chelsea grooms on our Instagram page.  Chelsea posts frequently.