Hello there! Have you ever seen an ad or a post on Facebook about training classes for Pet CPR?  Maybe you thought it silly or not a necessity…but I am here to tell you that it definitely is a necessity!

This is Chelsea and I am a professional dog groomer for Lucky Dogs Canine Services. In August, I went through a life changing experience that made me eternally grateful for the Pet First Aid & CPR certification I have. I was working with a new senior dog client (16 years old) who hadn’t been to a groomer in over 2 years. Even though I was working slowly and giving him short breaks every 5 minutes, he was still stressed and anxious. After only about 15-20 minutes of grooming (including breaks) the experience became too much for him and he passed out. He went limp & stopped breathing. My heart fell to the floor! As you can imagine, a streak of panic rushed through me but thanks to my ability to stay calm in a crisis and my Pet CPR training, I acted quickly. Within a few seconds (even though it felt like hours), he was breathing again and completely conscious. I spent the next 15 mins or so snuggling and talking to him until he started walking around again. I brought him back to his dog-mom and explained the situation to her. She was very grateful and relieved that I did not have to give her the worst news a groomer could possibly give.

After that traumatic experience, I can’t thank my Pet CPR training instructors enough for giving me the skills I need to save lives!! I whole heartedly feel that any animal care professional and pet parent should seriously consider taking a Pet CPR class. You never know when your furry little loved ones might need you to save their lives!