Our third featured pet food brand is Health Extension. This is why we love Health Extension:

* Health Extension is a family-owned company, based in NY state. They have been making premium pet foods since 1963.
* Their products are made in small batches of all-natural ingredients, and made in the USA. No-byproducts and no chemical preservatives.
* There are grain-free formulas in dry & canned foods, with a variety of protein sources to choose from. This is helpful when a dog or cat has an allergy to a particular protein.
* The formulas with grains do not have corn, glutens, soy, or wheat. They do include brown rice.
* Dry dog foods are also available in Little Bites for small breed dogs & Large Bites for large breed dogs.
* Health Extension foods include a unique blend of nutrients & supplements. These include organic apple cider vinegar and colostrum to boost immune systems, turmeric, coconut oil,probiotics & probiotics. The dry foods include a large variety of non-GMO vegetables & fruits.
* All of the products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Great news when looking for foods for picky eaters!
* Health Extension has never had a pet food recall.