Lucky Dogs, Summer in Skaneateles

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It’s mid-June & it seems we have turned the corner into lasting summer weather.  Hooray! There are so many fun things to do outdoors with our pets in the warmer months.  Sometimes there doesn’t even need to be a particular activity – just lounging & rolling around in the green grass is a favorite past-time for my 3 Labs – Kennedy, Saoirse, and Caoimhe. Unfortunately, the warmer months carry some outdoor concerns for our pets that we should all be aware of.  Here are a few summertime tips:

Sun exposure:

I’d like to think that everyone knows not to leave a pet in the car during warmer months, but sometimes a reminder is needed.  The windows of a car cause the sun beating in to warm the car up very quickly, and leaving the windows down  doesn’t make much difference.  If you can’t take your pet inside when you get out of the car then it’s best to leave your pet at home.  We should also monitor our pets’ sun exposure outdoors.  Dogs & cats can get sunburned just like people, especially if they have very short or light colored fur.  Those with thick fur can easily overheat in the sun.  In either case, always make sure a full bowl of clean water is nearby for pets outdoors.


I’ve heard from a few veterinarians that the tick population is expected to be high this year in many areas of the country.  This is a result of the mild winter.  Be sure to inspect your pet’s fur & skin for ticks when they come indoors and ask your vet about  flee & tick treatments.  Be careful when removing ticks: wear rubber gloves so you don’t get infected by the blood & saliva and be sure to get the whole tick – if the head is embedded in the skin it can break from the body when pulling the tick with tweezers.  Once removed, ticks can be killed by putting them in rubbing alcohol before disposing. 

Fireworks & other loud noises:

The sound of fireworks and summertime storms (thunder & crashes of lightning) can be stressful & cause anxiety in pets, especially dogs.  Keep pets indoors during these times.  There are also many calming remedies out there, including herbal sprays and compression shirts (such as Thunder Shirt).

Lastly, make sure the your dog always wears a collar & current dog tags with his name & your phone number whenever outside.  Dogs have been known to wander off during the excitement of a backyard barbecue, or bolt – seeking a safe place during a storm or fireworks display.  I know because a sweet but scared dog found her way into our garage one summer, after a trek of several miles. She was with her family at a cookout on the lake.  Luckily, her tags were accurate & we were able to reunite her with her family within a few hours.