Have you ever rescued an animal from a shelter or elsewhere? My dog, Ned, and I are celebrating our 3-year adoption anniversary this month. I still remember the night I saw his picture posted by the Finger Lakes SPCA of CNY. Thanks to social media and the all-mighty Facebook, his picture was shared and my name was tagged through the grapevine.

Lucky for me, my awesome boss, Amy, knew a lot of people from the SPCA and had even held a spot on their board, so I had Ned in my custody within 24 hours. (Let’s just say I know what I want, and I wanted that pup!) I found him scared and cowering in the corner of the kennel he was in, surrounded by all large dogs barking and yelping (they were excited). One of the volunteers brought him out for me to hold, in another room, where it was quiet. The second Ned and I looked into each other’s eyes, I knew I had to bring him home with me—no question. As I was paying and finishing the paperwork he would not let me put him down—he was coming home with me whether I liked it or not (luckily the feeling was mutual).

Fast-forward three years later, this little nugget rules our home. He sleeps in our bed, rides on our shoulders while we’re driving (short distances only), he even gets his own ice-cream cone when we go to Skanellus! He makes our family complete! Regardless of whether your pet was rescued or not, can you imagine them not being in your life? I sure can’t! I’ve come to the realization that we didn’t adopt Ned—he adopted us.

Question: Did you rescue your pet? If so, where from and how long have you been together?

Emily: Pet Sitter