written by Patrick Schiek

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”  We’ve all seen the quote from Josh Billings and as dog owners we know that to be true. I wanted to take this moment to reflect on that and maybe dig a little deeper into the love and happiness that our dogs provide for us. 

GRATITUDE. Its something really important to Amy & I and a big driver for us each and every day. We reflect on it daily. We are grateful for each other, our good health, our family, our friends, our pets, our customers and their pets, and we are grateful to own & operate a small business in such a special community as Skaneateles. Each day we hope that we are providing more to the community than we get back in return. 

In this extremely uncertain time of COVID-19, economic stress, partial isolation, and civic unrest we’ve all probably spent more time with our pets than we expected. For us that has made it more clear than ever the HAPPINESS that our pets provide us. 

Where does that happiness come from?  Maybe it is a tilt of their head when we are speaking to them. Maybe it’s a wag of the tail when they come in the room to check on you. Maybe it is their spontaneous grabbing of a toy and shaking their head with it. Maybe it is a chance to sit quietly with them by the lake and reflect on things to be thankful for in life, especially the companionship they provide us. 

As I type this, our youngest, Caoimhe, lays curled up on her dog bed in my office. Never leaving my side when I am home. I look down and feel the comfort and grace of her unending loyalty. She’s only five and we’ve already had so many adventures. I feel like in this moment we are both reflecting on the blessings we have. 

From the jubilation of having a new puppy and the joy and laughter that only a puppy can bring, to the comfort and wisdom of an older dog, they are a regular provider of happiness that we need in life. Especially in these turbulent times. 

So be grateful for the happiness that our pets bring to us. Make it a goal to give that happiness back to your pets.  The saying that comes to mind “May I be the person my dog thinks I am” seems more appropriate than ever. 

Thank you for spending a few minutes reading this post. Remember – life is short – play with your dog.