We have designated March as Pet Nutrition Month at Lucky Dogs! We want to help all dogs & cats achieve & maintain their best health. We truly believe in the foods and supplements that we sell at our store, and want to share the information with pet parents. Please stop into the store — let’s have a conversation about your specific pets’ needs!

For each week of this month, our blog will highlight one of the food brands that we carry. This week, we are very excited to introduce everyone to Blackwood Pet Foods. Blackwood Pet Foods recently landed at our store and this is why we love Blackwood:

• Made in the USA, at manufacturing facilities in Lisbon, OH and Sherburn, NY.

• 40 year old, family-owned and run company.

• Their manufacturing processes & facilities have EU (European Union) certification. This means their pet foods are processed using stricter procedures than most US pet food manufacturers follow.

• Pet foods are tested at 40 different stages during the manufacturing process, for safety & quality. Testing begins with each ingredient when it arrives at the factory. The final testing occurs before shipping to stores and is done by a 3rd party testing group.

• Pet foods are produced in small batches of 4,000 pounds at a time. Compare that to many other large manufacturers which regularly produce batches of 100 tons at a time.

• Dry pet foods are produced using 100% USA sourced ingredients. They are very selective about the farms they purchase ingredients from.

• Wet pet foods are produced using 100% USA sourced ingredients, with the exception of the New Zealand green lip mussels. (Why New Zealand green lip mussels?? They have the highest concentration of natural glucosamine of any food source out there.)

• Pet foods are slow-cooked. Foods are cooked at a lower temperature, for a longer amount of time, than other brands. The results of slow-cooking: maximizes useable energy & nutrient absorption; allows for less stool; does not damage the nutrients in ingredients because more starch is cooked out.

• Frequent Buyer program for dry pet foods: Buy 12, get 1 free.