Well, that was an exciting morning!  It began like most mornings, letting my own 2 Labs outside at 6:30. Usually, they do their business & run right back to the door because they want to eat, but not this morning.  I stepped outside in my pajamas & winter coat to see why they were delayed. They were having a sniffing party with another Lab & a Boxer!  I had never seen these two before so they must have traveled a bit from their home.  And their legs & bellies were covered in mud, so I knew they had romped in the swamp nearby.  So much fun for a couple of dogs but it created some chaos in our yard & worry for me.  The dogs were friendly & wanted to follow mine into our house.  I was able to convince our new friends to stay outside while I let my dogs in.  Then I called the dogs into our garage.  Thankfully, they were wearing collars & ID tags with their names – Sammy (the Boxer) & Sheldon (the Lab) – and a phone number.  BINGO!  I called the phone number and a woman answered.  She was a little out of breath as I explained to her that her dogs were safe & in my garage.  She said they had been looking for them for 30 minutes and was very thankful that I had them.  I stayed in the garage & gave them love & reassurance that their dad was on his way to pick them up.  Sammy was a little scared but Sheldon was eating up the attention — he had certainly participated in an adventure like this before!  Once dad parked his car in our driveway, I opened the door and Sammy & Sheldon jumped into his car like this was all no big deal.

I implore everyone to please put an ID tag on every dog you have.  The tag should list, at minimum, the dog’s name & a contact phone number.  I was able to reunite Sammy & Sheldon with their family within minutes of meeting them.  Without those tags, it would have taken much longer for me to either get them to a Vet office to be scanned for a microchip or to contact animal control to pick them up.  Neither of those options will reunite a dog with its family right away.  There are so many stylish dog tags now.  Please buy ID tags for your dogs if they don’t already have them.